New Purple 2364, a vibrant and sustainable vegan pigment for make-up

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Givaudan Active Beauty unveils the power and performance of New Purple 2364,1  a vegan pigment for use in make-up formulations. Extracted by green fractionation from Raphanus Sativus L., this new pigment complements our collection of sustainable alternatives to synthetic pigments introduced in 2020 with the launch of New Red 1805.

For centuries, purple has been valued in different cultures as a colour representing elegance, consciousness and power. Named colour of the year 2022 by Pantone,® purple has earned a place as one of the hottest shades in make-up formulation and among those that go best with all skin tones. Our consumer study showed that 88%2  consider New Purple 2364 as a trendy shade, with 84% of respondents feeling that the colour went well with their skin tone.

Yohan Rolland, personal care category manager for Active Beauty, said: “We are pleased to offer our customers a valuable and efficient new ingredient for multifunctional use. New Purple 2364 is more than a vibrant pigment – it responds to consumer values with 100% vegan and natural origin content. It is also ID Pack-certified, a guarantee of transparent sourcing, product quality and good agriculture practices.”

The performance of New Purple 2364 has been tested and shows exceptional stability to temperature exposure and light radiation when formulated at 10%. Clinical evaluations on three different complexions (African, Asian and Caucasian) also demonstrate impressive results when applied on lips, lids and nails. The colour is vivid, intense and homogeneous. Following the multifunctional trend, New Purple 2364 also offers anti-oxidation, anti-glycation and anti-hyaluronidase protection for skin and nails.

Would you like to give it a try? Our Active Beauty team has specially formulated an inspiring concept: Cosmic purple. This creamy eyeshadow is an invitation to experience visibly vibrant yet sustainable make-up. Featuring New Purple 2364, Omegablue® and Cristalhyal® e-Perfection, beauty-lovers no longer need to choose between high-impact colour, pigmentation, soothing and smoothing effects.

1Due to regulatory requirements, the equivalent of New Purple 2364 will be [N.A.S.]™ Radish 2364 for the United States. Contact your sales representative for more information

 2New purple natural make-up' - Home usage test - Givaudan AB - France - 110 women aged 18-50 - makeup regular users

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