Brightness, High Chroma Effects Focus for New High-Performance Pigments


Flamenco® Summit Aqua A80H

Flamenco® Summit Aqua A80H provides a unique blue shade with an intense brightness, magnifying its range of possibilities in makeup and skincare applications. Aqua symbolizes purity and serenity from pearlescent white to deep, digital blue. Flamenco Summit Aqua is a natural, mica-based interference pigment with an average particle size of 18 microns. This new effect pigment produces a clean color shade, significantly higher chroma and stronger, angle-dependent interference effects.

Reflecks Dimensions Brilliant Gold GY80D

Gold continues to trend on the runways, ranging from vibrant pink to warm copper and brown accents. Reflecks Dimensions Brilliant Gold, a borosilicate-based interference pigment, stands out by offering an intense gold reflection. This glammed-up gold offers a high sparkle, shine and chroma with an average particle size of 64 microns. The new effect pigment has significantly higher chroma than other products in the portfolio, and its high reflectivity sparkle and smooth-to-the-touch finish create a beautiful effect for lip and eye applications. 


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