AarhusKarlshamn Presents Surfactants for Shea Formulas


AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) presented two novel surfactants to formulate a range of shea butter-based shampoos and conditioners. According to the company, shea butter is one of the most popular vegetable oils for cosmetic and personal care applications and these new ingredients allow its incorporation into formulations while improving performance and mildness.

Lipex Shea Betaine (INCI: Shea butter aminopropyl betaine) is an amphoteric primary surfactant for use in various shampoos, shower gels, body washes and liquid soaps. By combining oleic and stearic fatty acids of shea butter with the polar amidopropyl betaine head group, a mild surfactant reportedly is obtained that exhibits foam stabilizing properties.

Lipex Shea Q (INCI: Shea butter propylamidotrimonium chloride) is a cationic surfactant that claims to offer good conditioning and anti-static properties. The company reports cationic surfactants are known for their good substantivity to hair and skin, which makes the ideal for use in hair conditioning formulations, masks and balms.

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