Saccharide Isomerate to Deeply Hydrate Skin and Scalp

Consumer interest in premium beauty products continues unabated, with a focus on scientific innovations accompanied by the desire for natural ingredients and green product lines. Trend research confirms that a strong group of buyers places particular value on high quality products with unique features; such products contribute to a sense of well-being and allow users to express their individuality through their appearance. However, a pleasing appearance and the self-confidence it inspires depend to a great extent on the health and integrity of the skin—and millions of people all over the world suffer from excessively dry skin.1

In addition to considerable physical discomfort, rough, flaky or irritated and dry skin can cause psychological distress and embarrassment in social situations. Hydrating the skin therefore remains an important function of personal care products. In particular, 70% of women believe they have a sensitive scalp and seek products that give tangible relief from this condition.2 The scalp may feel taut and itch uncomfortably, a sign that it is in need of deep and sustained hydration.

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