Phytochemical Extracts that Benefit both Skin and Hair

Symrise has combined its high-quality plant extracts under a new product line, Actipone. The line is suitable for a large number of cosmetic products, and the company plans to expand this line by tapping new sources of natural raw materials that can be developed into patentable extracts.

The line features a range of natural, largely standardized plant extracts from Asia, Europe and Africa. These include herbal extracts such as rosemary, fruit concentrates such as alpha pulp, tea and coffee extracts such as green coffee, marine plants such as Laminaria saccharina and root and flower extracts from traditional Chinese medicine such as honeysuckle flower (Jin Yin Hua).

The beneficial effects provided by the line's active agents include combating skin irritations, providing anti-oxidant activity, inhibiting MMP, promoting skin lightening and improving the properties of hair care products.

The company has also been conducting screening tests on plant-based active agents already in the company’s repertoire in the hopes of finding additional beneficial effects. For more information, visit

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