Plant Extracts Representing Worldwide Beauty

Laboratoires Sérobiologiques, a division of Cognis France, has introduced a range of actives derived from the plant extracts of five different regions in the world. LS' Entielles is said by the company to represent the diversity of aesthetic standards throughout the world.

According to the company, the range adds a natural fragrance to products, allowing companies to label the product as fragrance-free. In addition, the products can also add other skin care claims.

LS'Allure (INCI: Brassica campestris (rapeseed) seed oil (and) Levisticum officinale oil) is an extract of the loveage, Levisticum officinale, from Persia. It is said to stimulate the body and mind, revitalize and regenerate. The extract reportedly increases the potential of growth factors in the skin. It is recommended for formulation into face and body care, revitalizing spa treatments, active scents and toiletries and energizing hair care.

LS'Entielle Harmonie (INCI: Butylene glycol (and) pentylene glycol (and) Hedychium spicatum extract) is an extract of the spiked ginger lily Hedychium spicatum from India. The extract has calming and relaxing properties, and, therefore, is recommended as a anti-inflammatory product. The product should be formulated into anti-stress and soothing products for the face and body, calming serums, rebalancing spa treatments, active scents and toiletries, hair masks and scalp massage treatments.

LS'Entielle Resource (INCI: Butylene glycol (and) pentylene glycol (and) Tarchonanthus camphoratus oil) is an extract of the camphor bush Tarchonatus camphoratus, which grows in Africa. It has relaxing and detoxifying properties and is formulated to protect skin against stress and free radical activity. The product is recommended for formulation into antiaging treatments, detoxifying care, regenerating spa therapy, anti-free radical shampoo, night creams, pillow spray and active scents and toiletries.

LS'Entielle Spiritualité (INCI: Butylene glycol (and) Michelia alba leaf oil) is an extract of white sandalwood Michelia alba, hailing from Asia. It has calming and relaxing properties and is used in products to restore skin balance and stimulate the regeneration of terminal nerve endings. The product is recommended for formulation into calming face and body care, pillow spray, meditation spa products, de-stressing hair care, scents and active toiletries.

Finally, LS'Entielle Volupté (INCI: Brassica campestris (rapeseed) seed oil (and) Schinus terebinthifolius seed extract) is an extract of the Brazilian pepper tree Schinus terebinthifoli. It is spicy and sensual and is used to increase skin well-being and stimulate the release of dopamine. The product is recommended for formulation into luxury face and body treatments, seductive spa therapy, active scents and toiletries, massage oils, balms for skin and scalp and stimulating hair masks.

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