Greentech Fights Underarm Bacteria to Prevent Odor

Greentech has designed an active to fight underarm odor while maintaining skin microbiome homeostasis. Probiophyte Fresh (INCI: Lactococcus Ferment Extract ) inhibits the proliferation of the underarm bacteria Brevibacterium epidermidis from the genus Corynebacteria but respects proliferation of Staphylococcus epidermidis, a commensal bacteria that produces bacteriocins essential to counteract pathogens.

Both bacteria are produced in the apocrine glands. While Brevibacteria develop an unpleasant odor on contact with oxygen, S. epidermis is important for healthy skin flora.

In addition to showing that the active inhibited underarm bacteria proliferation, in vivo tests also demonstrated that the active (at 2%) quickly and significantly reduced axillary odor. After three days of treatment with the active, the 10 subject panel had 1/5 of the bacteria, compared to the placebo. The active has also been shown to reduce foot malodor.

The active is recommended to improve the effectiveness of deodorant, foot sprays or lotions without compromising see epidermis.

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