Stomach Fat Slimming Active

Sederma has developed a slimming active ingredient designed to reduce stomach fat through three approaches. Intenslim (INCI: Not Provided) reduces inflammation; burns stored fat and promotes the synthesis of elastin by adipocytes.

The active was shown to reduce interleukin-6 by 54%, indicating a reduction in the inflammatory condition generated in the adipose tissue in the presence of trans fatty acids. The active also stimulates desnutrin, the key and primary enzyme of lipolysis, by 104% to fight fat storage by boosting the burning of stored fat. Finally, the active promotes the synthesis of elastin by adipocytes to help them return to their original shape. This supports the adipocyte volume reduction related to destocking fat.

The active was shown to reduce adipocyte volume reduction by 29%. In an in vivo two-month study, the active reduced stomach circumference by a mean of 0.99 cm up to 3.90 cm. The excessive abdominal fat was strongly reduced and the stomach area was visibly flatter.

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