Incospharm's Dual-action Agent Personalizes Skin Whitening


Incospharm aims to return skin to its naturally flawless tone with the launch of MelaTrepein CS (INCI: Not Available)—a skin-whitening solution that leverages autophagy to address hyperpigmentation in a uniquely personal way.

Similar to standard skin whiteners, the peptide derivative focuses on two fundamental biological processes involved in skin pigmentation: melanosome transfer inhibition and degradation. However, unlike conventional whitening agents, MelaTrepein acts via autophagy modulation in addition to melanosome transfer regulation, which according to the company, can provide a personalized solution for each skin type or condition.

Specifically, the ingredient employs a dual-targeting solution that reduces skin pigmentation by activating autophagy, which in turn breaks down melanosomes in keratinocytes, while also inhibiting melanosome uptake into keratinocytes. It does not affect melanocytes, thus providing safe brightening effects. 

Accordingly, the ingredient can address specific pigmentation problems, i.e., sun spots, melasma, post-acne pigmentation and post-inflammation pigmentation, in a personalized way. 

The ingredient will debut at in-cosmetics Global, to be held on April 2-4, 2019, in Paris; Incospharm can be visited at booths U115 and U135. 

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