Stabler, Milder Retinol and Vitamin C and More

Ultra Chemical will showcase a number of actives with improved stability and mildness as well as a petrolatum replacement, emulsifiers with skin benefits, polymers for eye makeup, UV protectants and more at booth #807 during the NY SCC Suppliers' Day.

Ingredients to be highlighted include: K3 Retino-A, a more stable and less irritating retinol derivative; K3 Vita-C, a more stable and easy to formulate vitamin C derivative; and olive oil proteins, PEG-free surfactants and emulsifiers with skin benefits. In addition, Ultrapure: Vitamin K1 USP, for under-eye products; Natural TEWL SJ, a natural replacement for petrolatum; and Polymer 2041-R, a fast-drying, transparent and non-tacky polymer for mascaras and eye liners, will be featured.

For UVA/B protection, Zano 10 and Zano 10 Plus Transparent ZnOs, and Xperses ZnO and TiO2 dispersions will be highlighted. Finally, the Zenigloss natural-derived polymer will be presented, which imparts excellent gloss.

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