HA-Boosting Marine Exopolysaccharide

During the NY SCC Suppliers' Day, Lipotec will feature its awarding-winning anti-aging ingredient at booth 137. Hyanify is a marine-derived exopolysaccharide with efficacy in boosting the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the skin, reducing nasolabial folds. During In-Cosmetics in Barcelona, the product was recognized with the bronze Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award.

According to the company, the Hyanify exopolysaccharide (EPS) was biotechnologically developed by fermentation of a marine γ-proteobacteria strain from the surface of Laminaria macroalgae of the Wrac’h Aber area of Brittany. This region's living microorganisms are exposed to environmental stress due to the high gradients of salinity, pH, temperature, oxygen and light. Such conditions induce the production of functional EPSs with physical properties that can improve skin's health and appearance.

With aging, HA availability decreases, altering the balance between synthesis and degradation, which leads to dehydration of the skin and volume loss. However, the EPSs in this product have proven efficacy in vitro in inducing HA synthesis, thus offering a safe solution for recovering the volume lost by the skin with aging. As shown in vivo, the mean depth of nasogenian folds decreased by 14.7% in subjects after 14 days' use of a cream containing 1% of a Hyanify solution twice daily, and by 18.5% after 28 days' use. The product is recommended for skin care formulations for antiwrinkle and replenishing effects, especially for mature skin.

In addition its product, Lipotec will promote the fact that it has increased its US presence through the establishment of Lipotec LLC, its North American subsidiary.

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