Rice Grain Hair Color/Damage Protection

Provital Group has launched an active derived from rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) to protect the hair fiber and color from sun damage. Kerarice (INCI: Not Provided) is characterized by a chemical composition of peptides, bio-functional amino acids, polysaccharides and phytic acid. In addition to protecting the hair fiber and color from sun damage, the compound also is said to improve the tensile and sensorial properties of hair in addition to protecting hair keratin and lipids.

According to the company, UV radiation oxidizes hair proteins and lipids, causing a loss in strength, shine and color. Sunlight alters the amino acids of the cuticle more intensely than those of the cortex, leading to a rupture and separation of the outer layers of the hair. The hair is weakened due to the loss of mechanical and sensorial properties.

The compounds phytic acid is said to act as an antioxidant to prevent oxidation against UV damage. Meanwhile, the amino acids reportedly have a high substantivity for keratin to give hair strength. The peptides in the compound were found to penetrate and repair the hair fiber while protecting the fiber and improving its sensorial properties. Finally, the polysaccharides are said prevent product build-up and an accumulative effect.

To test the compounds ability to restore internal fiber cohesion and provide resistance against sun radiation, the company conducted an ex vivo test on tryptophan degradation. The test showed a 48.1% recovery of tryptophan degraded by sun radiation. In another ex vivo test, the company found that the compound decreased color fading by 13.8% in untreated hair, by 14.2% in dyed hair and by 5.8% in bleached hair. Finally, a third ex vivo test showed that the compound recovered shine in hair by 47.8% in untreated hair, by 102.9% in dyed hair and by 18.3% in bleached hair.

The active a transparent liquid with pale brown to brown color. It is soluble in aqueous solutions and is recommended at 0.5-5% in protective hair care, products for color-treated hair, intensive repairing product, hair care products for radiance and hair dyes.

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