Yeast, Corn and Rice Extracts for Hair Strengthening, Health

International Specialty Products introduced the Vincience BiotHAIRapy line of biofunctional extracts at In-Cosmetics in Paris. The line targets the outer and inner root sheath of the hair follicle to strengthen hair and make it more healthy.

According to the company, the line's extracts of corn, yeast and rice were shown ex vivo to impact the markers associated with hair growth, strand strength, follicle integrity and other aspects of hair vitality.

Dynagen (INCI: Not Provided), the line's yeast extract, was designed to enhance the expression of proteins involved in the inner architecture of hair. This may have an effect on boosting the expression of keratin 14 and 17, which reportedly support hair strength and reinforce the hair structure. The company reported that the yeast extract enhances the expression of K71 and trichohyalin in vitro and ex vivo. These materials aid in the physical stability and physiological strength of hair follicles.

The line's corn extract, Capauxein (INCI: Not Provided), was created to maintain the hair growth cycle and boost hair regeneration. The corn extract is said to boost the expression of protein markers in vitro related to communication and cell signaling in hair follicles; cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion; and positively boost in vitro the markers P63, Ki67 and phospho histone-3, which are associated with hair growth and hair follicle renewal.

Protectagen (INCI: Not Provided), a rice extract, reportedly boosts markers of stem cell activity and helps natural defense against UV-induced damage. Ex vivo studies conducted by the company showed an enhanced expression of  the markers associated with the anagen (growth) cycle including: keratin 15, alpha-6 integrin, beta-catenin and P63. By maintaining low expressed P53 markers, whose expression is increased with UV-induced damage, the rice extract is said to defend against sun damage.


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