Green, Transparent Self-tanner Wins 'Gold' at SEPAWA


German detergent, cosmetic and fragrance association SEPAWA recently awarded Givaudan first place for it Vegetan Gold ingredient (INCI: PEG-8 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides (and) Water (aqua) (and) Dihydroxyacetone (and) Octyldodeceth-25), which the company launched earlier this year. The award was presented during the SEPAWA Congress, held Oct. 12-14, 2016, in Fulda, Germany.

This ingredient was developed to offer formulators a means to develop crystal clear self-tanning oil formulas. Once incorporated into oil, Vegetan Gold spreads uniformly on skin, preventing the streaking often observed with water-based self-tanners. According to the company, the sustainable active also is fully compatible with sun filters and other oil-soluble actives, thus it can be integrated directly into sun care lines. It also is China-compliant.

The technology is based on a dihydroxyacetone molecule obtained via a biotechnology fermentation process that uses plant sugar as a sustainable carbon source. This green process was analyzed in a lifecycle study according to ISO 14 040 and 14 044 principles and demonstrated a reduction of 40% to 80% environmental impact, including photo-oxidation, the use of non-renewable energy and water consumption.

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