Givaudan Gets Gold with New Active Beauty Brand


Following the acquisitions of French cosmetic active ingredients company Soliance in 2014 and science-based active cosmetic ingredients firm Induchem in 2015, Givaudan’s cosmetic actives business has been rebranded “Active Beauty,” with the compelling brand claim of, “Bringing beauty to the world.”

The unveiling of this new brand coincided with in-cosmetics Paris in April 2016, the leading global business event for personal care ingredients.

At the same time, a whole set of pioneering molecules was launched by the Active Beauty R&D team:

  1. Neurophroline™, the first bioactive fighting skin stress by breaking down cortisol production
  2. Tightenyl™, a skin bio-lifter to rejuvenate the skin’s extracellular matrix
  3. Vegetan™ Gold, the first oil-compatible, self-tanning molecule 

The new innovative and effective active cosmetic ingredient Neurophroline™ was recognized with top honors during the Innovation Zone award ceremony at in-cosmetics Paris, winning a gold award for Best Ingredient. "This skin-stress-control molecule is the result of ground-breaking scientific research by our global teams in discovery, research and biological assessment." 

Thanks to our recently expanded in-house capabilities, we can now offer our clients a unique and exhaustive portfolio of ingredients, concepts and powerful customized solutions to help them grow their business faster,” said Fabrice Lefèvre, marketing and innovation director.

Bringing even more than high-performance ingredients every day, the Givaudan Active Beauty digital marketing team designed an educational and entertaining virtual reality application named Skin Odyssey. The VR experience was created to let everyone better understand the perfection of skin biological structures and their evolution upon aging.

The Skin Odyssey application is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices.

Get in touch now with your Active Beauty sales representative to learn more about Active Beauty’s latest innovations and to try the Skin Odyssey experience:








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