Improve Solubility, Stability and Retain Volatile Ingredients with Captisol


We are offering a free 20 g starter kit of Captisol®. To receive your starter kit, please visit http://www.captisol.com/request-sample. If possible, please provide a FedEx account number to expedite shipping.

Captisol® is a patent-protected, uniquely modified cyclodextrin, whose chemical structure was rationally designed to enable the creation of new products by significantly improving solubility, stability and bioavailability. It offers improved solubility and allows formulation of water-insoluble active ingredients.

Captisol® is in 10 FDA-approved medications. The Captisol® team offers a wide-range of in-depth industry expertise and enables formulation solutions for a variety of products. Several hundred of pre-clinical and clinical studies have been performed and indicate that Captisol® is safe when administered parenterally or orally and does not exhibit the nephrotoxicity associated with beta-cyclodextrin.


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