[video] Consolidating Input for Faster Output: Digitizing Cosmetics R&D


Consumers have been digitally engaged in online buying behaviors for some time, but perhaps never more than they are now—and personalized, optimized options for any number of fancies are an easy click away. 

With the digitized world spinning faster, however, this puts pressure on product developers to innovate quicker while still creating effective solutions that meet consumer demands. One may wonder, is faster even possible? Will Tashman, co-founder and CRO of Uncountable, believes so. How? By getting cosmetic formulators and chemists out of isolated spreadsheets and other files, and into a centralized, digitized system.

In this video interview, sponsored by Uncountable, Tashman describes the challenges faced by cosmetics R&D, and how a connected R&D management platform can streamline and concentrate efforts. For example, collating information on a given product could mean bypassing the need to requalify it when small tweaks are made.

Watch now:

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