Coty Teams with Australian Tech Company for Device Manufacture

In a sign of the continued interest in and growth of the beauty devices market, Australian technology company OBJ Limited announced it has secured an exclusive collaboration with Coty covering the possible future development and manufacture of OBJ's patented e-Skin system.

The agreement will see Coty’s skin care brand Philosophy and OBJ collaborate to develop, program and manufacture e-Skin systems with the proprietary delivery fields necessary to control a number of key ingredients used widely by Philosophy. Philosophy was acquired by Coty in 2010 as its prestige skin care brand and now ranks in the top 10 skin care brands worldwide.

The recent allowance of the Dermaportation patent by the European Patent Office and the granting of the same patent by the U.S. Patent Office in 2012 are fundamental to the collaboration. Dermaportation was OBJ’s first drug delivery technology and has been incorporated into the e-Skin cosmetic device system. The technology generates precise time-varying magnetic fields via an onboard microprocessor and is suitable for repeat applications, extended usage and multi-formulation requirements. The device is able to be implemented as a power patch, a wand, an instrument or an iPod-like device.

The more recent filings of patent applications with the U.S. and European patent offices over a number of key innovations that make up the e-Skin system, add to the overall strength of the eSkin intellectual property.

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