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Patent Pick: Space-filling 'Magic' Cosmetics

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What could possibly, without surgery, instantly iron out wrinkles or plump up the lips? Fractal particle gels. This patent explains.

Cosmetics containing fractal particle-based gels
U.S. Patent 9345649
Publication date: May 24, 2016
Assignee: Avon Products, Inc.

This patent discloses a means for instantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections while smoothing the skin: by applying a cosmetic incorporating a fractal particle-based gel.

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These inventors have discovered that fractal particle gels containing a refractive index-matching polymer can, upon application to the skin or lips, create a film that gives the effect of smooth skin surfaces, thus concealing fine lines and wrinkles. The fractal gel network contains oppositely charged nanoparticles, which impart space-filling effects.

Additional applications are described including hair treatment products, especially as mascaras to treat thinning hair, in light of the porous, reticulated structure. Also, filling pores, skin surface unevenness and imperfections; and smoothing a layer onto skin in conjunction with a topcoat pigmented layer, to make skin appear brighter and to release light.

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