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Patent Pick: Fermented and Natural Blend Comforts AD Skin

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According to inventors at Truezyme Co., Ltd., the causes of—and effective treatment for—atopic dermatitis have not been clearly established. As such, therapeutic agents to alleviate the symptoms have been used, including steroid preparations, oral antihistamines, hydroxyquinoline, tar preparations and hypoallergenic moisturizers

In relation, topical cosmetics have been formulated to relieve atopic dermatitis. Such solutions must be designed so as not to cause pruritus or skin irritation, and to provide skin soothing effects, inhibit inflammation, suppress pathogenic bacterial growth, moisturize skin and maintain the skin barrier. 

However, there remains a need to address this skin condition with minimal side effects such as irritation. There is also increasing demand for cosmetics containing natural ingredients. Accordingly, the present research describes a composition for relieving atopic dermatitis that demonstrates excellent in vivo biostability and skin-soothing effects. It is based on a Bifidobacterium-fermented extract, in combination with other natural extracts.

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Fermented composition with natural extracts to relieve atopic dermatitis
U.S. Patent Application 20180140646
Publication date: May 24, 2018
Assignee: Truezyme Co., Ltd.

Described in this patent application is a composition for relieving atopic dermatitis that includes a blend of Bifidobacterium ferment, citrus (Citrus unshiu Marcov.) peel, Laminaria japonicaCamellia japonica L. and Artemisia argyi extracts. According to the inventors, this composition provides anti-inflammatory and soothing activities and may benefit skin health.

In one embodiment, the mixed extract may contain 10 to 20 parts w/w of each component, extracted using one or more solvents selected from: purified water, a lower alcohol having one to four carbon atoms, acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and 1,3-butylene glycol.

Furthermore, in one embodiment, the composition is said to impart antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities, for use in applications including: softening, astringent and nutritional lotions; nutritional, massage, eye area and cleansing creams; essences; cleansing foams and waters and more.

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