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Patent Pick: What L'Oréal is Hiding

L'Oréal has a lot to hide—a lot of skin imperfections, that is. In a recent patent application, the company describes a cosmetic that camouflages wrinkles without compromising a natural look and feel.

Patent Pick: Liposomes to Deliver Next-gen Cell Regeneration

Perhaps the best way to repair damaged and aged skin is to replace it. Sound impossible? Researchers on a new patent application out of Seoul may have the inside—literally.

Patent Pick: A 'Swell' Sunscreen Stabilizer

Sunscreens are always in the hot seat; whether it's proving they give the claimed SPF, or balancing feel with stability and performance. In this patent, P&G inventors have come up with a "swell" idea: superabsorbent polymers for sunscreens and other skin care applications.

Patent Pick: Compact Powders Ready for Impact

Cosmetic powders are pressing contradiction: one benefit can be optimized but at the expense of another. That's where LVMH inventors come in, with a new formula to survive its own impact on the marketplace.

Patent Pick: Spying Secret (Anti)agents

Chanel is on to you, 007, and your silencing effects on miRNA. And in a new patent, the company describes a method to locate agents like you, for your anti-aging skin care benefits. This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1. . .

Patent Pick: Smooth Moves to Attack Tacky Cosmetics

Icky or elegant? Beauty consumers are mindful of the sensory experiences you create for them. That's why L'Oréal inventors imparted tact into a new, non-tacky cosmetic emulsion.

Patent Pick: Corona-core Microgels Go with Skin's Flow

Emulsions are troublemakers. Surfactants can be used to keep their oil and water attitudes in check but they irritate some people. Pickering emulsions work, too, but are less effective and sticky wickets. Enter Shiseido's patented answer: corona-core microgels, which stabilize the situation and go with skin's flow.

Patent Pick: Unilever Takes Charge of Cleansing, Literally

There's a battle ensuing between microbes and anti-microbes that transcends the physical skin barrier to a larger, regulatory one. Regardless, Unilever inventors are charging ahead utilizing electrons to enhance the power of oligodynamic metals.

Patent Pick: 'Grow Your Own' UVB Protection

The plants we grow for food are facing new climatic challenges. Therefore, researchers of the Max-Planck Society sought to improve their chances of survival against UV; and in the meantime, they improved ours.

Patent Pick: Move Over, Oxidizers, Titanium Salts are the New Hair Dye Heroes

Oxidizers have met their match, if you believe these L'Orél inventors. In this patent application, titanium salts are offered as the basis for natural and powerful hair dyes, without the need for oxidizing agents.

Patent Pick: Aryl-activated Acne and Skin Care

If you're wishing this season for a better way to fight acne, the inventors on this patent application will make you merry. They've identified a way, via the aryl-hydrocarbon pathway, to treat acne, rosacea, cellulite and more.

Patent Pick: Syncing Up with Consumers

P&G inventors are feelin' it—circadian rhythm. That's why they're investigating methods to find cosmetic actives to go with consumers' flow.

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