Horiba Patents Dry Particle Supplying Device

The World International Property Organization has granted a new patent to Horiba Instruments Inc. for a device that disperses dry particle samples into an elementary particle state during the introduction of the sample to a particle size measuring apparatus.

In a typical instrument, the user places the sample into a hopper, which then distributes the sample into a feeder unit to regulate the flow rate of the sample being delivered to the measuring unit. Often, the sample particles adhere together due to electrostatic, magnetic or other similar forces even in a dry state. The result can cause fluctuations of the sample flow and sample dispersion which can lead to errors when the measuring apparatus attempts to measure and analyze the sample.

The newly patented dry particle supplying device can better supply particles in a homogeneous elementary state and a continuous flow rate, creating the most accurate dry method testing in the industry. Miroslav Pejcinovic, an engineer  at Horiba, designed the device.

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