Amino Acid Produced Through Fermentation

Kyowa Hakko has announced its creation of a fermentation-based method for the commercial production of L-Tyrosine.

In the past, L-Tyrosine has been produced using animal protein from hair or feathers.The company sought a different method of producing L-Tyrosine to avoid the risks of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and other viruses from animal sources such as avian influenza.

The company reportedly discovered microorganisms with superior characteristics for the production of L-Tyrosine and drew on its fermentation and purification technologies to develop a production method based on fermentation that is suitable for the mass production of the ingredient. According to the company, the new method will provide a high quality and stable supply of L-Tyrosine to customers worldwide.

L-Tyrosine joins other Kyowa Hakko products that are not animal sourced, such as L-Hydroxyproline. The company reports that it will continue to produce fermented materials from non-animal sources. Full-scale production of L-tyrosine by the company is expected in 2007.

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