Microfluidic Application in the UK

Syrris has formed a subsidiary company to host the first microfluidic application centre in the world. With a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) grant of £2 million, The Dolomite Centre Ltd. will design and build microfluidic devices and instrumentation. According to the company,  the technology may improve reproduction, increase performance time, and lower reagent consumption in applications including environmental monitoring, clinical diagnostics, food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Lee Jeffries and Paul Jeffries, formerly of Scientific Consultants Ltd.(SCL) will bring over 20 years of precision glass fabrication experience to Dolomite, thanks to Syrris' acquisition of SCL in February. The company has also announced Harold Swerdlow Ph.D. as chief technology officer of Dolomite.

The Dolomite Centre Ltd. was funded by DTI's Micro and Nanotechnology Capital Facilities Programme. Syrris will reportedly use Dolomite's new technology to offer alternatives to the macro scale technology currently available.

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