Safe and Accurate Powder Weighing—Free White Paper


Protecting the User During Precision Weighing Tasks

Designed specifically for powder containment applications, the Captair Smart filtering weighing station delivers the proper airflow at the face of the enclosure, and total filtration of hazardous powders or potent compounds. The enclosure is designed to allow full access to your balance and reduce airflow turbulence to maintain stability to six decimal places—without compromising containment.

The air exhausted into the room thus complies with Class 5 (E.N. ISO 14 644) standards.

Advanced Filtration Will Keep You Safe

Featured HEPA H14 filters comply with the EN 1822-1 standard to ensure an ISO Class 5 work environment and provide 99.995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1 µm. For even greater efficiency, choose an ULPA U16 filter to provide an ISO Class 5 work environment, which produces 99.9995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1 µm, according to the MPPS method set forth in the EN 1822-1 standard.

When performing applications using hazardous chemicals, add our BE+ molecular filter, which can adsorb multiple chemical types at the same time.

Investment and Energy Savings

  • No ducting to the building ventilation system
  • Eliminates energy consumption linked to the air renewal (air supply/extraction, filtration, dehumidification, air conditioning)
  • Very low running cost: energy consumption from 70W to 191W


  • No ductwork necessary, quickly set-up on a bench or with a rolling cart
  • Easy to relocate
  • Protect the environment with 0 direct emission of pollutants into the atmosphere

Smart Technology

Each unit comes with Smart TechnologyTM—an an exclusive set of tools comprising smart-light communicationTM, chemical sensors, real-time status and the eGuard app.

Smart-light communicationTM is a soft band of light on the unit that lets you know the unit is operating safely. The light will slowly pulse to indicate if the air flow is compromised, if there is a fan failure, or that it is time to change your filters.


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