[podcast] Mary Kay on Why Biology is Exciting for Product Development


According to Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., chief scientific officer for Mary Kay, biology is "one of the most exciting things about creating cosmetic products."

She explains, "You have to have a good understanding of the biological mechanism because that's important to get the ingredients that provide the desired benefit. Now, the challenge is, you're usually creating that in an in vitro setting...And as you can imagine, it's not possible, even with the advancements in today's science, to completely mimic a human or in vivo scenario in a laboratory setting.

"Usually what you do is create what I call a tiered approach, . ..[layering] assays that get more and more complex as you go through the screening process. Because the more complex the assay and the system is, the higher cost it is and usually the limited number of throughput."

Gildea will discuss these aspects and more about translating biology into effective topical products during our all-new Beauty Accelerate event, coming this Oct. 15 to NYCRegister now! 

The below podcast interview provides a sneak (audio) peek. Key take-aways will include:

  • Example assays
  • Psychological and haptic user experiences
  • In vitro safety and quality assurance
  • Where costly mistakes happen (and how to avoid them)
  • The importance of the formula and chassis, in addition to the bioactive
  • How to combine all the data to guide decisionmaking
  • Making the data relevant to all company sizes and targets
  • How to invest in up-front research
  • Cautionary tales on the global regulatory front

Listen now:

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