Dermala Receives Patent for Use of Human Microbiome to Reverse Skin Aging

Dermala Microbiome Reverse Aging Patent

Dermala, a consumer dermatology company developing personalized, microbiome-based solutions for a variety of skin conditions, announced the issuance of an anti-aging patent.

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The patent was issued as U.S. Patent No. 11,103,443 - COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR PREVENTING, SLOWING, AND REVERSING SKIN AGING. This patent covers using the human microbiome to slow down the skin aging process.

Dermala's patented technology uses novel microbiome formulations and delivery methods to restore biologically "younger" skin and gut microbiomes in older adults. This includes transplanting "younger" skin and gut microbiomes or their biosynthetic equivalents and components including prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to older skin.

This patent is a part of an extensive intellectual property portfolio that covers using the skin and gut microbiomes and data analytics to treat various skin diseases and conditions including acne, eczema and skin aging. 

"Skin aging is associated with changes in skin and gut microbial communities," said Lada Rasochova, Ph.D., the patent inventor and founder/CEO of Dermala. "Differences between younger and older microbiomes can be striking. Optimizing the microbiome composition by transplanting biologically younger microbiome components onto an aging skin to slow down aging is a novel concept that is poised to revolutionize the skincare industry."

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