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Unilever Home & Personal Care USA
Methods and compositions useful to prevent in-grown hair arising from shaving
The method involves applying malonic acid or a salt thereof in a carrier.

The Procter & Gamble Company
Process and kit-of-parts for improved hair conditioning after coloring bleaching or perming
The invention relates to the conditioning of hair after it has been oxidized in a coloring, bleaching or perming treatment. Superior conditioning is obtained by providing a cationic polymer to the hair while it is subjected to the oxidizing treatment, and then the oxidized hair is subjected to a conditioning treatment with a composition comprising a functionalized silicone.

CS Lim
Permanent cosmetic composition for two-step permanent operation
Disclosed is a permanent cosmetic composition for two-step permanent waving operation that comprises a first solution comprising a reducing agent, a thickener, an alkaline agent, an alcohol, a metal inhibitor and a reaction catalyst. A second solution comprises an oxidizing agent and a reaction catalyst. A catalytic reaction improves the reaction rate up to 95%, compared to 60-70% for conventional two-step permanent waving operation. Therefore, hair damage is reduced, hair curling speed is increased, hair maintains its elasticity, and no repulsive odors remain after hair washing.

L'Oreal S.A.
N-α- and N-ε-lysine and ornithine compounds comprising a thiol function and cosmetic use thereof
Disclosed are polylysines that may form a remanent deposit on keratin materials, such as the hair, and that may also provide to the keratin materials at least one good cosmetic property chosen from softness, smoothness, and better disentangling.

Hoyu Co., Ltd
Hair cosmetic composition
A hair cosmetic composition comprising a mixture of a polyhydric alcohol monomer at 3.5–52.5%, a second polyhydric alcohol monomer at 7.5–52.5%, a surfactant at 0.07–12.5% and water at 0.07–12.5%, where all percentages are by mass. The second polyhydric alcohol monomer has a polymerization of 2–10 degrees. This hair cosmetic composition excels in convenience and damage care effects for hair.

Cosmetic composition comprising a diblock copolymer
The present invention relates to a composition comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one (blockA)-(blockB) diblock copolymer. The -blockA comprises at least units deriving from styrene. The -blockB comprises at least (a) units deriving from acrylic acid in free or salified form and (b) at least units deriving from a C1-C4 alkyl acrylate. The diblock copolymer has moisturizing properties for keratin materials. Uses include caring for and making up keratin materials.

Henkel AG & Co. KgaA
Cosmetic composition containing argan oil and shea butter
Disclosed are hair care compositions containing a synergistically effective active substance complex containing argan oil and shea butter having positive effects wet and dry combing, maintenance, luster and splitting.

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