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Color Cosmetics

Cosmetic composition comprising a polyglycerolated silicone elastomer
The invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising a polyglycerolated silicone elastomer for application onto keratinous materials, especially the skin or the lips, for purposes of care or makeup. In addition to at least one polyglycerolated silicone elastomer in a cosmetically suitable medium, the composition also contains at least one ingredient chosen from each of the following: an emulsifying elastomer different from the polyglycerolated silicone elastomer; a film forming polymer; a water-soluble humectant; a coated pigment; a structuring agent; a photoprotective system capable of screening out UV radiation; a nonemulsifying spherical silicone elastomer; a fiber; a noncross-linked surfactant; a hydrocarbyl-functional siloxane; a low molecular weight phenyl-substituted siloxane; and a cosmetically-suitable active ingredient. The noncross-linked surfactant must not be chosen from the polyglycerolated noncross-linked silicone surfactant(s).

Skin Care

The Procter & Gamble Company
Stable cosmetic composition comprising a self-tanning agent
Stable topical compositions having a pH of from 3.5 to 4.5 comprising a self-tanning agent, a polymer and a polyhydric alcohol humectant. These compositions are highly stable and deliver high levels of active self-tanning agent to the skin upon topical application.

Kao Corp.
Amide compound
The novel amide compound described is useful as a gelling agent having a high ability to gelatinize oily bases. It has been found that a gel composition prepared from this amide compound and an oily base has a strong gel strength and good transparency, and that the gel composition has enough strength to be used in cosmetic preparations that are easily applied to skin when made, for example, into the form of a stick.

Patent Gesellschaft mit Beschrankter Haftung Chromenone derivatives
Disclosed are novel compounds that are inhibitors of tyrosine kinases and/or Raf kinases and can be employed for the treatment of tumors, for neuroprotection and for protection of the stress proteins of the skin. The structures of the compounds are given in the patent. Hair Care

Long-retention hairstyling gel
The invention relates to cosmetic compositions, and in particular hair styling gels, containing in a cosmetically acceptable carrier at least one of each of the following: a fixing film-forming polymer, a thickening agent and a co-thickening agent. The film-forming polymer is chosen from branched block copolymers comprising, as principal monomers, at least one C1–C20 alkyl acrylate and/or at least one N-mono- or N,N-di(C2–C12 alkyl)(meth)acrylamide, and acrylic acid and/or methacrylic acid. The thickening agent is chosen from homopolymers and copolymers based on (meth)acrylic acid, which are cross-linked or noncross-linked. The co-thickening agent is chosen from noncellulosic thickening polymers different from the thickening agent(s).

Composition comprising at least one substituted 2-[2-(4-amino phenyl)ethenyl]-1-pyridinium derivative, process for treating keratin fibres using it, device and use thereof
The invention relates to a composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one particular fluorescent dye. The invention also relates to a process for treating keratin fibers, in particular human keratin fibers, using this composition, and also to a device comprising it. Finally, the invention relates to the use of the composition according to the invention as a lightening agent or as a coloring agent for the fibers

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