The First Genealogy of Personal Care

Symrise is set to launch what it calls the world's first Genealogy of Personal Care by the end of September. The company currently houses a Genealogy of Fragrances, which it touts as an indispensable part of the perfumer's everyday work. The company hopes to provide the same reference tool for the personal care formulator.

The reference tool will include the fields of hair care/shampoo; deodorant/antiperspirant, subdivided into feminine and masculine products; and body wash/shower gel. The reference will feature a wide range of new global releases each year. According to the company, the Genealogy of Personal Care will provide both the suppliers and the cosmetics industry with a point of orientation.

All cosmetic products and their fragrances are listed in an alphabetical index and provide a clearly structured and thoroughly detailed overview of the products on a global market. For more information, visit

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