Patent Pick: Lay it on Thick—or Thin


Whether you lay them on thick or thin, the adhesive films described in this patent are designed to deliver active ingredients to the desired skin site, for a unique dosage form with moisture-triggered release.

Adhesive films for delivery
U.S. Patent 9248146
Publication date: Feb. 2, 2016
Assignee: Adhesives Research, Inc.

This patent disclosure relates to adhesive films containing a mixture of high molecular weight and low molecular weight water-soluble components, and a pharmaceutically or cosmetically active ingredient. Optionally, the films contain a starch component, a polysaccharide component, a filler, a plasticizer and/or humectant.

The films are in the form of an adhesive layer and have a thickness sufficient to disintegrate when exposed to a moist environment and/or a trigger compound, thereby releasing the active. The films can be cut to any size or shape to provide convenient dosage forms for administration. While a surfactant is optional in certain embodiments of this invention, other embodiments are surfactant-free or substantially surfactant-free.

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