Patent Pick: Settling Settling


Let's "settle" this once and for all: no one likes products that separate in the jar. Why do you think we shake salad dressing? That's why inventors like this are working on ways to keep personal care products from separating over time.

Body scrub composition and method
U.S. Patent Application 20160038386
Publication date: Feb. 11, 2016
Inventor: J. Hoy

Body and face scrubs often are stored in jars or containers from which users can scoop a small amount to apply. In the jars or containers, however, the ingredients in the scrubs tend to settle out and separate over time.

Obviously the denser ingredients, such as exfoliants or scrubbing agents, settle to the bottom. Thus, the user must stir the scrub before using it to get the proper mixture to his or her body and/or face.

The present invention addresses this issue. Disclosed is a composition for a face and body scrub that, in one embodiment, includes salt or sugar, emollient, fragrance, vitamin and color, wherein the emollient includes soybean oil and tee tree oil. The composition is reportedly uniform in texture and suitable for use as an exfoliator while also providing antibacterial effects.

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