Peach is for Pies and Anti-aging


New research published in Nutrition Research and Practice, from Seoul National University and Seoul National University Hospital, examined the ability of Prunus persica (L.) Batsch flower (PPF, peach flower) ethanol extract (PET) and its subfractions to attenuate UV-induced matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) expression in human skin cells.

Hairless mice were treated with PET or a mixture of its subfractions either topically or orally, then explosed to UV radiation. Histological changes in skin were then examined.

According to the report, topical and oral treatments exhibited similar patterns. The subfraction blend significantly inhibited UV-induced skin and epidermal thickening, while PET inhibited only the UV-induced epidermal thickening. Also, treatment with either PET or the blend significantly inhibited UV-induced MMP-13 expression, but not type I collagen expression. Additional details are provided in the article.

The results demonstrated treatment with PET or its subfractions both topically or orally attenuates UV-induced photoaging; specifically via the cooperative interactions of phenolic components having antioxidative and collagen-protection activities. Isn't that peachy?

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