Patent Pick: Evergreen and Kunzea Sebum Control


Human skin naturally produces and secretes sebum, which lubricates and protects it against moisture loss by forming a film on it. A build-up of sebum can cause the skin to appear shiny or oily, and this visually unappealing look also highlights imperfections, promotes acne development and reduces the wearability of cosmetics such as foundation.

Acne is typically characterized by the presence of whiteheads, blackheads or inflamed pimples due to clogged pores, which can accumulate dirt, debris and bacteria. Such blockages or pluggs are typically referred to as comedones. When a comedone ruptures, the material inside can spread to the surrounding skin and cause inflammatory reactions.

According to these inventors, current methods to reduce sebum production, unclog pores or treat acne include caustic agents that may further irritate skin or cause dryness. However, a solution based on fruit extract from the evergreen shrub Psidium guajava, combined with Kunzea ericoides leaf extract, was found to reduce sebum production, unclog pores and to treat acne.

Sebum control and anti-acne composition
European Patent EP2658563
Publication date: 11/15/2017

One aspect if this invention involves topically applying a composition based on Psidium guajava (guava) fruit extract, which reduces sebum and unclogs pores. Said extract may be aqueous or a hydroglycolic extract of guava pulp. It may further include water, glycerin and, optionally, a preservative.

In addition, the composition includes Kunzea ericoides (kanuka) leaf extract, which helps to unclog pores. The extract can also be aqueous extract or a hydroglycolic extract and additionally include water and butylene glycol.


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