Patent Pick: What L'Oréal is Hiding


Film-forming agents often are used to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles by smoothing and tightening them. These agents are designed to dry on the skin surface, leaving a flexible and continuous thin coating; although cracking, pilling, flaking and the formation of visibly white film can occur.

Pigmented particles also are used to blur the appearance of skin imperfections such as pores through soft focus effects. But they also can exaggerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles by accumulating inside the crevices. 

For these reasons, L'Oréal sought to develop a cosmetic composition that hides wrinkles and sagging yet maintains desirable properties such as good texture and a translucent or natural appearance on skin. This was the focus of the current invention.

Cosmetic compositions to minimize skin imperfections
U.S. Pat Application 20170035680
Publication date: Feb. 9, 2017
Assignee: L'Oréal

These inventors describe a cosmetic composition including: a) ~14% to 16% w/w of a film-forming agent; b) ~1% to 25% w/w by weight of a particulate material; c) two or more thickening agents; and d) water. When applied to skin, it provides immediate tightening while decreasing the visibility of fine lines and deep wrinkles. 

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