Patent Pick: Seeing the World Through Rose-colored, Circadian-correcting Glasses


This patent application has nothing to do with cosmetics, but everything to do with feelings, emotion and the natural rhythm of life. So why include it here? It's a novel concept in the same realm as wellness, neurocosmetics and kansei research—all of which have gained recent attention from some of the biggest cosmetic players.

Systems and methods for controlling illumination relative to the circadian function of individuals using eyewear
WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/145064
Publication date: Sept.15, 2016
Assignee: Circadian Zirclight Inc.

Lighting obviously illuminates objects and environments so individuals are able to visually perceive their surroundings. Light is produced in various wavelengths and intensities, and has various characteristics; e.g., color, spread, polarization, correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), Duv, chromaticity, etc. Light sources may include natural lighting—sunlight, light from clouds and light reflected from various surfaces—and artificial light sources.

According to these inventors, light having spectral components from particular wavelength ranges may impact the circadian functioning of some individuals. In response, this patent application describes eyewear designed to correct these circadian-fluctuating wavelengths.

The apparatus comprises eyewear and one or more filter elements adapted to attenuate said circadian-affecting spectral components of light. In addition, a color-correction element is coupled to the eyewear to modify characteristics of light such that the perceived color of light passing through the article of eyewear of the individual more closely approximates unfiltered light. Related systems and methods also are provided.

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