[video] How Muscle Controls Facial Hyperpigmentation


According to POLA scientists, there’s a connection between higher muscle mass and the formation of fewer hyperpigmented spots, also known as lentigines.

Shu Nishikori (SN) explained in a recent interview, recorded during the IFSCC Congress in Munich; the following excerpt is adapted from it. To watch the video, click below.

Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T): What is the focus of your latest study?

SN: My research is about muscles of the body. We found a relationship between muscle mass and skin statuses such as lentignes, pores and wrinkles. 

C&T: What did you discover?

SN: We found that myokines, which are secreted from muscle, and one myokine in particular, myonectin, suppresses lentignes. The mechanism is that myonectin is released from muscles and secreted through our whole body and delivered to the facial skin, where it affects melanocytes in the epidermis by suppressing melanogenesis.

Watch now:

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