Natural Hair Dyes, Self-tanning Solutions and Other Topics: Literature Findings

Skin and Skin Care
Pyrus pyrifolia wrinkle reduction: Ansung Machum Association introduced an antiwrinkle and antiaging cosmetic composition containing 0.05–5.0% w/w Pyrus pyrifolia extract.1 The composition is said to exhibit: an antioxidant effect due to DPPH-eliminating activity; hydroxyl-eliminating, superoxide anion-eliminating and singlet-oxygen-eliminating activity; and a skin-lightening effect due to tyrosinase and melanin synthesis inhibition. In addition, the composition imparts an antiwrinkle effect due to elastase and collagenase inhibition, and an anti-inflammation effect due to lipoxygenase inhibition. The composition is said to inhibit skin aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also, it has low toxicity.

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