Patent Pick: Control Emulsion Interfaces Thermally


Take a peek at the future of product development with this hand-selected Patent Pick, chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's highlight relates to nanoparticles with unique, thermally controlled interfacial properties.

Non-spherical amphiphilic polymer nanoparticles having interfacial properties which can be reversibly controlled by temperature
WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/003212
Publication date: Jan. 7, 2016

This patent application describes non-spherical amphiphilic polymer nanoparticles having interfacial properties that can reversibly be controlled by the temperature at the aqueous solution-to-oil and solution-to-solid interfaces. Also included are a method for producing them and an emulsion and/or nanopattern-forming composition including them.

The reversible property of the nanoparticles has interesting potential for maximizing the delivery of drugs, cosmetics and the like in the medical and cosmetic fields by controlling, through heat, the size of the emulsion at its interface.

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