Patent Picks—Plant DNA, Aloesin, Pomegranate and More to Balance Skin

Patent Picks are taken from publicly available sources. This edition features technologies to balance skin condition, including tone, texture, oily and dry zones, and blemishes such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scars.

Computer printed, temperature-controlled facial mask with specified treatment zones
US Patent 8372130
Publication date: Feb. 12, 2013
Assignee: Forever Young International, Inc.

Described by this patent is a temperature-controlled facial mask that includes several large and small area treatment zones in combination with asymmetrical treatment zones, suitable for treatment of specific and localized skin conditions. The various zones are coated with skin treatments such as compounds, lotions, gels and the like, and may include a self-heating and/or cooling substrate to provide temperature control to the face mask.

Also described is an imaging device that connects to a computer system having an image analyzer and face map for determining specific treatment requirements for the particular patient. An output from the computer is provided to a treatment deposition device, which deposits various treatments onto an intermediate membrane layer to generate a custom, temperature controlled facial mask with area-specific treatments for that particular patient.

Compositions with sodium chlorite for treating blemishes
US Patent Application 20130034618
Publication date: Feb. 7, 2013
Inventor: K. Swenholt

This inventor explains how fungal infections and other disease conditions of the integument can be effectively treated with compositions containing ozonizable oils and antimicrobials, when used in conjunction with solutions containing sodium chlorite. These compositions are specified for the treatment of resistant fungal infections but are also useful for treating conditions such as acne and other skin blemishes that arise from pressure, stress or infection.

Osmoprotective complexes for prevention of mitochondrial free radical damage-related skin aging
US Patent Application 20130028854
Publication date: Jan. 31, 2013
Assignee: Island Kinetics Inc.

The present invention relates to aloesin derivatives with natural amino acids, peptides and amino sugars that possess osmoprotective, free radical-trapping and cellular antioxidant properties. These traits are suitable for the treatment of topical ailments caused by mitochondrial free radicals including skin aging, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, via their topical or oral application. Several treatments are disclosed, including one for dermatological disorders caused by said free radicals, i.e., collagen loss, loss of skin pliability, loss of skin suppleness, skin wrinkles including fine lines, dry skin, pigmented spots, dark circles under the eyes, skin pigmentation including darkened skin, skin blemishes, skin changes associated with aging, scalp dryness and combinations thereof.

Living plant DNA, EGF, algae, rose, etc., saturated plant collagen carrier for skin rejuvenation
US Patent 8357129
Publication date: Jan. 22, 2013
Assignee: Physicans Products, Inc.

Disclosed in this patent is a skin rejuvenation system and method in which a pure plant collagen carrier is saturated with a solution of collagen, allantoin, amino acid, propanediol, glycerin, algae, plant DNA living cells, epidermal growth factor, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, rose essential, water and peptide, and the saturated carrier is applied to the skin to be rejuvenated. The living plant DNA reportedly repairs damage to the skin's DNA caused by environmental stresses. It also helps to minimize pore size and smoothe overall complexion and blemish scars while combatting sun damage.

Improving the appearance of skin using ultrasound
WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/009785
Publication date: Jan. 17, 2013
Assignee: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC, M.H. Slayton and P.G. Barthe

Described by this patent is a method that comprises identifying a point on the skin surface to target, and delivering ultrasound energy to the subcutaneous tissue to produce a biological effect. Such effects are intended to improve the appearance of the treated skin for a variety of benefits such as: increasing skin elasticity, and dermal thickness and collagen in the subcutaneous tissue; reducing oiliness, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and pore size; smoothing texture; treating and/or preventing acne; diminishing the appearance of spider veins, rosacea, scars and stretch marks; rejuvenating skin; tightening sagging skin; rejuvenating photoaged skin; reducing a wrinkle on the skin surface; generating new tissue in the subcutaneous layer; and combinations thereof.

Inhibitor for melanin, and cosmetic composition containing same
US Patent Application 20130018020
Publication sate: Jan. 17, 2013
Assignee: Amorepacific Corp.

This invention relates to a melanin production inhibitor containing, as active ingredients, tranexamic acid and nicotinic acid amide, which inhibits the formation of skin melanocytes. The invention also relates to a cosmetic composition that contains the melanin production inhibitor and has the effects of reducing liver spots, blemishes, freckles and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; improves skin tone and texture; and whitens the skin.

Pomegranate based skin protectant and topical application
US Patent Application 20130017286
Publication date: Jan. 17, 2013
Inventors: M. Dreher and S. Anderson

Disclosed in this patent is a composition to prevent signs or conditions of aging and/or damage in skin, improve the appearance of skin, and promote recovery from environmental stresses. The composition includes pomegranate juice concentrate, extract and seed oil, and at least one pharmaceutically or cosmetically acceptable vehicle. One or more embodiments of the invention provides a method for preventing, arresting, reversing, ameliorating, diminishing, reducing or improving a sign of aging, in which a composition of the one or more embodiments of invention is topically applied to skin in a cosmetically effective amount.

Method for assessment of aesthetic and morphological conditions of the skin and prescription of cosmetic and/or dermatological treatment
US Patent Application 20130013330
Publication date: Jan. 10, 2013
Assignee: Natura Cosmeticos S.A.

These inventors describe a method for assessing and treating aesthetic and morphological conditions of the skin, and for prescribing a cosmetic and/or dermatological treatment. Said method involves: a) obtaining information on the age and life habits of a user; b) performing a biometric analysis of a corporeal portion of the user; c) processing the results from analyses of steps a) and b) and comparing them with predetermined data; d) obtaining a skin model of the user according to the data processed in step c); e) linking the user's skin model to predetermined data contained in a database about cosmetic and/or dermatological products; and f) prescribing a treatment and pre-selected cosmetic and/or dermatological products. Such treatment may include, for example, suspensions, liniments, ointments and/or cosmetic preparations for localized action.

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