Patent Picks—Phosphate Derivatives, Comfort Soap Cleanser, Producting Hyaluronic Acid, Foamable Moisturization and More on Moisturization

Personal product composition comprising a structured benefit agent composition and a delivery vehicle
European Patent EP1479365
Publication Date: Aug 31, 2011
Assignee: Unilever PLC Unilever N.V.

The present invention comprises a structured pre-mix or "delivery vehicle" composition designed to enhance delivery (e.g., via enhanced deposition) of hydrophobic benefit agent(s), for example, moisturizing oils, from personal product liquid compositions.

When the structured benefit agent composition is separately prepared and combined with the personal product composition, a personal product carrying composition is provided which yields enhanced delivery of the benefit agent(s). It should be noted that not only the benefit agent which is structured will benefit from enhanced delivery, but also benefit agents which are separately found in the composition (e.g., entrapped within a network formed by the structured benefit agent or added separately and not as part of the pre-mix) also may have enhanced delivery. The separate, not necessarily independently structured benefit agent (and certainly not structured as delivered in the invention if not added with the pre-mix) may be other hydrophobic benefit agents (e.g., perfumes, shine enhancing benefit agents, emollients) or hydrophilic benefit agents (e.g., glycerol). Hydrophobic benefit agents (e.g., oils) can provide moisturizing and/or conditioning benefits to the skin or hair. At present, however, it is extremely difficult to achieve high levels of deposition from personal product compositions, particularly wash-off products, such as personal wash liquid and bar cleansers.

Dermal therapy using phosphate derivatives of electron transfer agents
US Patent 8008345
Publication Date: Aug 30, 2011
Assignee: SM West, RJ Verdicchio, D Kannar and OH Mills Jr.

Provided is a method for preventing, alleviating symptoms or treating a skin condition comprising topically administering to the skin of a subject a cosmetic or pharmaceutical topical formulation comprising an effective skin-penetrating amount of one or more phosphate derivatives of one or more electron transfer agents.

Hair cosmetic composition
US Patent 8007773
Publication Date: Aug 30, 2011
Assignee: Kao Corp.

A leave-on hair cosmetic composition is disclosed that contains an organic C2-8 dicarboxylic acid or salt thereof and at least one or more of an organic solvent selected from the group consisting of aromatic alcohols, N-alkylpyrrolidones, alkylene carbonates, polypropylene glycols, lactones and cyclic ketones. The organic solvent has a ClogP of from −2 to 3. In addition, the cosmetic composition has a pH of from 2 to 5 at 25°C when diluted to 20 times its weight with water and has a buffering capacity of 0.001 gram equivalent/L or greater but less than 0.2 gram equivalent/L.

This hair cosmetic composition provides benefits such as enhancement of luster, manageability, pliability and elasticity of dry hair to which it is applied, such as hair dehydrated and damaged by coloring, permanent waving, or repetitive excessive blow drying.

Topical skin care formulation
US Patent Application 20110206793
Publication Date: Aug 25, 2011
Assignee: Mary Kay Inc.

Disclosed is a multi-beneficial topical skin care composition, and methods for its use, that can hydrate skin, increase the firmness of skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles on skin and reduce the appearance of age spots on skin. The composition can include: a combination of skin active ingredients comprising Euterpe oleracea fruit extract, Punica granatum sterols, caprooyl tetrapeptide-3, tocopherol or tocopherol acetate and niacinamide; a combination of skin moisturizing agents comprising glycerin and Butyrospermum parkii; a photo stable combination of sunscreen agents providing the composition with a SPF of at least about 15; and a dermatologically acceptable vehicle which imparts a non-greasy feel when applied to skin.

Comfort Soap Cleanser
WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/102834
Publication Date: Aug 25, 2011
Assignee: Chanel Inc., R Diez

This patent discloses a skin cleansing composition for topical application comprising fatty acid and their salts. In the composition: the content of fatty acids and their salts having 20–24 carbon atoms is no less than 15%; the content of fatty acids and their salts with 14 carbon atoms or less is from 40-90% of the fatty acids and theirs salts having 20–24 carbon atoms; and the degree of neutralization of the fatty acids into soap is 50–75%.

Method for producing hyaluronic acid
US Patent Application 20110207178
Publication Date: Aug 25, 2011
Assignee: M Hashimoto, T Kakema, K Fujii and M Ikemi

Provided is a simple method for producing hyaluronic acid at a high yield. Further, it is also intended to provide a method for producing hyaluronic acid in a short period of time. The invention provides a method for producing hyaluronic acid including a step of culturing a microorganism having the capability to produce hyaluronic acid and a step of adding glutamine and arginine to a culture medium during late logarithmic growth phase of the microorganism.

Cosmetic composition containing polyglycerol partial ester
European Patent Application EP2359803
Publication Date: Aug 24, 2011
Assignee: Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH

The present invention relates to cosmetic compositions containing polyglycerol partial esters of linear, unsubstituted carboxylic acids with the provisos that the polyglycerol obtained by hydrolysis or alcoholysis of the polyglycerol partial ester comprises an average degree of polymerization of from 2 to 8 and the polydispersity index of said polyglycerol is greater than 0.75. The present invention also relates to the use of aforementioned polyglycerol esters for the production of and use in cosmetic compositions.

Emulsion composition
European Patent EP1369106
Publication Date: Aug 24, 2011
Assignee: Shiseido Company Ltd.

The present invention relates to an emulsified composition containing urea. More particularly, the present invention relates to an emulsified composition containing urea that has a superior moisture retaining effect while reducing the stimulation from urea and gives a refreshing feeling at the time of application.

Foamable moisturizing compositions
United States Patent 8003594,
Publication Date: Aug 23, 2011
Assignee: Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.

Foamable moisturizing compositions are disclosed. The compositions can include quaternary ammonium surfactant, humectant, secondary solubilizer, and thickening agent. In one embodiment, the composition can be contained in a non-aerosol dispensing container that mixes the composition with air causing the composition to foam when dispensed.

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