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Cosmetics & presents collections of recently issued patents for your consideration. Chosen by our technical editor, Bud Brewster, for their relevance to personal care, these "Patent Picks" are taken from publicly available sources, collected and presented here for your convenience.


Skin Actives
BASF Catalysts LLC
HAS2-stimulating plant extracts
The invention relates to plant extracts for stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronan synthase, particularly the synthesis of hyaluronan synthase 2 (HAS2). Specific aims of the invention are to increase firmness and/or elasticity and/or tissue moisturization, and/or increase the skin barrier effect, and/or increase tissue resilience, and/or modulate angiogenesis, or the neocreation of blood capillaries, and/or improve healing, and/or cell proliferation, migration or differentiation, and/or skin atrophy, and/or intended to combat the effects of ageing on the skin, and in particular to combat the loss of firmness of the skin observed in the course of aging, and/or atrophied scars.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
Hydrolysis resistant organomodified trisiloxane surfactants
Three types of trisiloxane surfactants, having the basic formula MDM', are described; wherein the substituents on the differing M and M' groups in conjunction with a pendant polyalkylene oxide substituents on the D group render the surfactant resistant to hydrolysis under either basic or acidic conditions.

Resin for Personal Care, Fragrance
Arizona Chemical Company
Ester-terminated poly(ester-amide) in personal care products
A resin composition is prepared by reacting components comprising dibasic acid, diamine, polyol and monoalcohol, wherein: a) at least 50 equivalent percent of the dibasic acid comprises polymerized fatty acid; b) at least 50 equivalent percent of the diamine comprises ethylene diamine; c) 10-60 equivalent percent of the total of the hydroxyl and amine equivalents provided by diamine, polyol and monoalcohol are provided by monoalcohol; and d) no more than 50 equivalent percent of the total of the hydroxyl and amine equivalents provided by diamine, polyol and monoalcohol are provided by polyol. This resin composition may be formulated into, for example, personal care products, fragrance releasing products and candles.

Retinol Derivative
Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Retinol derivative and cosmetic composition comprising the same
The present invention relates to a novel retinol derivative and a cosmetic composition comprising the same, in particular, to a novel retinol derivative exhibiting the effects from both L-ascorbic acid and retinol as well as being free from the disadvantages of skin irritation and instability in cosmetic formulation; and a cosmetic composition comprising the retinol derivative.

Modified Serum Albumin
New Century Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Modified serum albumin with reduced affinity for nickel and copper
A modified serum albumin is provided that has been modified so that it exhibits reduced or eliminated binding of trace metals such as nickel and/or copper. In cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions it can thus be used more safely and effectively than unmodified albumin with a reduced or eliminated likelihood of causing an allergic reaction to the trace metal in the human being treated with the albumin composition.

Hwangto in Personal Care
JY Park (inventor)
Facial pack and bathing compositions based on Hwangto (Korean loess) and preparation thereof
Disclosed are a facial pack composition and a bathing composition based on loess, and methods for preparing the same. The bathing composition makes a user feel refreshed, prevents arteriosclerosis and fat accumulation in human bodies, is useful for the treatment of maturating diseases such as dermatophytosis and dermatitis and stimulates metabolism and blood circulation system of the human body. Additionally, the facial pack includes loess having a fine particle size sufficient to avoid skin irritation and thus does not adversely affect the skin even if the user uses the pack daily. The loess is pretreated by a unique aging method and selected additives, so that the far infrared ray-emitting effect of the loess can be maximized.

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