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Cosmetics & presents collections of recently issued patents for your consideration. Chosen by our technical editor, Bud Brewster, for their relevance to personal care, these "Patent Picks" are taken from publicly available sources, collected and presented here for your convenience.  


Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp.
Preparation of functionalized cationic polymers and their application in personal care
Water-soluble functionalized cationic copolymers can be obtained by a process that consists of reacting a cationic base polymer that contains amino groups with at least one functional compound reactive to at least a part of the amino groups on the base polymer. These polymers are useful in personal care and cosmetic formulations.

Sun Protection
Symrise GmbH & Co. KG
Novel indanone compounds
Novel indanylidene compounds can be used as UVA filters in cosmetic compositions for protecting skin and hair and for technical applications.

Method of preparing a cosmetic composition and an apparatus for implementing such a method
A method of preparing a cosmetic composition includes injecting, into a plurality of enclosures containing different substances, at least one fluid via a plurality of injectors. The method produces a plurality of solutions that, after mixing, form all or part of the cosmetic composition.

Indena SPA
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic composition against skin aging
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions for the prevention of skin aging, containing phospholipid complexes of extracts of Vitis vinifera, and phospholipid complexes of standardized extract from Centella asiatica.

Nanodiamonds for Antiaging
C.-M. Sung (inventor)
Health care and cosmetic compositions containing nanodiamond
Nanodiamonds can be included in various compositions to take advantage of the ability of nanodiamond to reduce or prevent the formation of free radicals through administering the particles to a subject. Nanodiamonds can be administered through a variety of means to a tissue area of the subject, thus reducing or preventing the formation of free radicals and reducing the signs of aging. The nanodiamonds may be incorporated into a composition that includes a variety of components including biologically or cosmetically acceptable carriers, dispersants and additional active ingredients.

EGCG Stabilization
DPI Solutions Inc.
Composition for stablizing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in water phase and preparation method thereof
A composition for stabilizing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in water phase comprises 0.1–25.0% by weight of EGCG, 0.1–5.0% by weight of a cationic polymer, an anionic polymer or a mixture thereof, 0.1–10.0% by weight of antioxidant in a remainder of water or the mixture of water and a hydrophilic solvent and a preparation method thereof. The composition is not easily decomposed in water phase, as well as in external environment consisting of temperature change, light effect, etc., because the composition is stabilized via reaction with a cationic or anionic polymer.


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