Technically Speaking: Adjustable Sunless Tanning and Other Topics

Skin and Skin Care Dipeptides, integrin promoters in antiaging: Kao Corp. describes antiwrinkle cosmetics containing fructosyl-dipeptides and integrin production promoters, and/or actin-myosin system activators.1 The described cosmetics are said to show good antiwrinkle effects and contain: a) 0.00001–5.0% Fru-A-B-R (Fru = fructosyl residue; A, B = amino acid residue; R = C-terminal OH of amino acid residue B or OMe); and b) 0.00001–20.0% integrin production promoters and/or actin-myosin system activators. An antiwrinkle gel was formulated containing an ethyl alcohol extract of Fucus evanescens and Fru-Val-Tyr-OH. Isolation from ginger root or chemical synthesis is given.

Body rinses: Pola Chemical Industries discloses body rinses containing oils and nonionic surfactants.2 The disclosed body rinses, which are used just after bathing to maintain moisturized skin condition, contain: a) >80% oils that are fluid at 1 atm and 25°C; and b) 3–15% nonionic surfactants. The rinses can be mixed with hot water for splashing onto the body. An example is shown in Formula 1, in which the ingredients were mixed at 80°C to produce a transparent body rinse. Moisture transferred to the skin during bathing was well-maintained by throwing hot water containing the rinse to the body just after bathing.

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