Cosmetic neurotoxin compositions: Allergan describes cosmetic neurotoxin compositions and methods of use. Cosmetic compositions include a clostridial neurotoxin component and a microsphere component. Certain compositions also include a botulinum toxin and a plurality of swellable microspheres. The compositions are administered to individuals, by injection and the like, to treat a cosmetic defect or deficiency. Cosmetic microspheres were prepared and combined with botulinum toxin type A in a lyophilized form, and were stored dry at –4°C for several months. The microspheres and botulinum toxin type A were solubilized with saline before administration to an individual. Approximately 10 units of botulinum toxin were injected to each side of the mouth of a 48-year-old woman. The marionette lines remained reduced for about two years after that single treatment.

Urea: Couteau et al. review the influence of excipients on the moisturizing effect of urea.2 Water is the most important molecule contained in the skin and is bound to the intracellular hygroscopic substances called natural moisturizing factors (NMF). The clinical characteristic of xerosis is rough or coarse skin. This esthetic alteration necessitates the application of cosmetic products.

In this study, the authors tested the efficiency of urea incorporated into six different o/w emulsions and 10 different gels. Skin of 10 healthy women aged 20 to 45 years was treated using 50 mg of emulsion or gel containing 5% of urea. A skin surface of 16 cm2 was chosen in the area of the forearm. The gain in moisturizing was performed by measuring the skin’s electrical capacity using a corneometera one hour after treatment. 

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