Heralding the Future, Appreciating the Past

Celebration of the New Year’s holiday is fairly consistent throughout the globe. Although the time of year may differ and the various traditions depend on the culture, it seems to be a universal phenomenon. Whether it be donning all-white garb in Brazil and immersing oneself in the ocean or downing one grape upon each stroke of midnight in Greece, the holiday is a source of celebration and reflection.

At Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, we also are looking forward to additions and improvements as we cherish the successful elements of the magazine/Web site.

In 2006, readers should expect the same high-quality editorial via our feature articles, columns, and departments. We will continue filling our pages with a blend of articles stemming from academia, researchers, and those who have mastered techniques at the bench authored by industry leaders. We resolve to keep up the good work in that arena. But, we also need to state and commit to our resolutions.

One exciting event for us in 2006 will be the impressive milestone of reaching our 100th anniversary. To celebrate, we will feature in each month’s issue an innovator or innovation that truly revolutionized the personal care industry. In this month’s issue, we honor Maison “Ed” G. deNavarre. Not only did this legend inspire the creation of the IFSCC and pull together an encyclopedia of knowledge that still resonates, he drove emulsion technology to new heights.

The August issue will be entirely devoted to the history of C&T magazine, as well as the history of our industry.

We will also be adding a quarterly column written from the desks of international managers that focuses on common challenges—and their solutions—facing today’s R&D heads.

Are you aware of Allured Publishing’s Beauty Trends Team? Comprised of four division editors, it offers a gamut of information—from raw materials to prestige products—from the business, ingredient, spa, and flavor sides of the industry. The team will also deliver in 2006 a quarterly report on trends and insights into personal care from this four-faceted perspective.

Those are some of the highlights for this year; please continue to write, call or e-mail us about your preferences. Once again, thank you for choosing C&T magazine. As always, I hope you find this issue stimulating and informative.

--Laurie DiBerardino, C&T Editor

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