Natural Oils for the Prevention of Hair Damage and Other Topics

Colloidal silica-alumina particles in cosmetics: In a recent patent L’Oréal describes cosmetic compositions containing colloidal silica-alumina composite particles.  The composition is used for smoothing wrinkles and skin. An example is shown in Formula 1.

Retinoid-containing preparations: BASF describes retinoid-containing cosmetic, drug or feed products with a water-soluble and an oil-soluble antioxidant.  The products also include salts of l-ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol. Cosmetic preparations are packaged in oxygen-impermeable containers, preferably coated aluminum, in a protective gas atmosphere.

Transfer-resistant cosmetics: E-L Management Corp. describes transferresistant cosmetics containing a silicone adhesive. Compositions for application to the lips contain a silicone pressuresensitive adhesive that is a reaction product of a silica or its derivatives with a dimethylsiloxy resin having a viscosity of about 1000 to about 200,000 cs, in combination with a volatile carrier. An example of a lip top coat is shown in Formula 2.

Dextrin esters in cosmetics: L’Oréal has disclosed cosmetic makeup compositions gelled with a dextrin ester.4 The compositions contain a continuous liquid fatty phase that is gelled or thickened with at least one dextrin ester with a degree of substitution of less than two. The dextrin ester makes it possible to obtain a stick that does not exude, and which gives a glossy, non-migrating and long-lasting deposit over time when applied.

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