Trending: Betty Boop, Sash Cosmetics, Zhixi, Dakami Black Ginseng Melasma Cream and More

Searches for 'Betty Boop makeup' are up 950%, per Google Trends.
Searches for "Betty Boop makeup" are up 950%, per Google Trends.
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Our weekly "Consumer Pulse" report on the socials reveals trends in cosmetic searches across the web. Hot topics now are: Sash Cosmetics hand cream and mask, mystery box and Zhixi, Betty Boop makeup, Dakami Cosmetics black ginseng melasma cream, wolf haircut, discoloration serum, CosRx, #editorialbraids, #geodenails, #espresso eyes and #softsmokyeyemakeup.

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Sash Cosmetics Hand Cream/Mask

Searches for "Sash Cosmetics" and "Sash Makeup" are up 3,250% per Google Trends. While there was no apparent news on this topic, the German clean beauty brand rose to the top of our search retrievals. Currently featured on the product site is the Sash Skin Care hand cream and mask multifunctional product with cupacu butter. The product is said to blend into a rich oil upon application and recommended for "strained" skin on the hands and feet. 

Ingredients (hand cream/mask): Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu) Seed Butter, Hipphpophae Rhamnoides Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Orange Sweet Oil.

Mystery Box and Zhixi

Google Trends reports that searches on the phrase "full mystery box para women makeup set, lipstick, eyeshadow gift set, complete skin care products, cosmetics, 20 pcs" are up 1,200%. Our research found that the majority of times, this search retrieved a blind box of Zhixi products, especially featured on Ali Express.

An apparent Chinese brand, Zhixi's "Kawaii" set was featured the most, and includes: light-sensitive transparent foundation liquid, Zhiyi Hefu rhyme light moisturizing concealer air cushion, Shuihui beauty cream, an eyebrow product, Zhiyi Hefu yunshun smooth slim eyeliner pen, Zhiyi natural fresh body lotion, "Know the Thick and Long mascara," Zhiyi Hefu rhyme light sense beauty concealer, "essence of the Ministry of Knowledge and humiliation," Zhiyi velvet stereo eye shadow, Zhisha Hefu's light transparent makeup powder, "Know, Lotus, Fu Yun, foggy face, tingguang, moisturizing lipstick," Zhiyu clean face clean fresh cleansing essence milk, Zhiyi matte liquid eye shadow, Zhiyi beauty makeup makeup brush + honey brush, and cosmetic mirror.

Betty Boop Makeup

Searches for "Betty Boop makeup" are up 950%, per Google Trends. In terms of news, all we found was a cosmetic line inspired by the animated character that launched a few years ago. More recently, the Betty Boop musical debuted in Chicago. However, recent Pinterest posts feature the character's "vintage glam" look, while six days ago, a TikTok post featured the Betty Boop makeup collection by Glamlite for Valentine's Day. The collection includes heart-shaped lipstick, false lashes and a color palette, among other products.

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Dakami Cosmetics Black Ginseng Melasma Cream

Searches on "my pham dakami" or Dakami Cosmetics are up 650%, also according to Google Trends. The Vietnamese brand is currently featuring its black ginseng cream to treat melasma. Key ingredients highlighted include Arisaema amurense extract (Tran Nam Tinh extract), the black ginseng extract, "secret water" with 10 types of natural extracts such as licorice extract, wormwood extract and reishi mushroom extract, a sea algae extract, niacinamide (vitamin B3), alpha arbutin, dipotassium glycyrrhizate and Roman chamomile extract. The product is said to provide anti-aging benefits, to moisturize skin, and to whiten, tone and brighten skin.

Wolf Haircut, Discoloration Serum and CosRx

According to Exploding Topics, top cosmetic-related concepts rising in interest over the past five years include wolf haircut (+2,200%) and discoloration serum (+1,550%) - two themes we continue to see topping the charts. In addition, searches on CosRx are up 254% in the past five years. The source describes the brand as specializing in "low-pH skin care," including toners and acne patches. Perhaps that's the reason for the rising interest.

#EditorialBraids, #GeodeNails, #EspressoEyes and #SoftSmokyEyeMakeup

Lastly, per Spate's TikTok hashtag tracker, #editorialbraids are up 105,000% week over week. A quick search revealed beginners' tutorials on styling hair in cornrows. #Geodenails came in second place, up 13,957% this week vs. last. Other notable trends include #espressoeyes and #softsmokyeyemakeup - perhaps taking a page from Betty's Boop's story?

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