Trending: DOA Kozmetik, Sunset Hair, Makeup Flashback, Hyperpigmentation and More

#Sunsethair registered more than 104,000% growth, week over week, and can be described as an orange- and yellow-dyed balayage look.
#Sunsethair registered more than 104,000% growth, week over week, and can be described as an orange- and yellow-dyed balayage look.
By Ulia Koltyrina

Our weekly "Consumer Pulse" report on the major socials uncovers growing trends in cosmetic-related searches across the web. Now trending are: DOA Kozmetik, makeup flashback, Kylie Cosmetics Power Plush Foundation, wolf haircut, discoloration serum, hyperpigmentation, kojic acid serum, tranexamic acid serum, serum stick, blackhead vacuum, sunset hair, revitalizing serum and grunge eyeshadow.

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DOA Kozmetik

Searches for "DOA Kozmetik" are up 1,450%, per Google Trends. This Turkish brand was recently featured by Skin Sort for both its Yağlı Ciltler Tonik with AHA and Cilt Aydınlatıcı Tonik with AHA as two of the "25 Best Fungal Acne Safe Fragrance Free Toners w/Glycolic Acid." Both toners are cruelty-free; the Yağlı Ciltler Tonik additionally features niacinamide. In addition, the brand's BHA Tonic 2% Salicylic Acid has been highlighted on several retail sites, such as Ubuy, in the past week. 

Ingredients - Yağlı Ciltler Tonik w/AHA: Water (Aqua), Niacinamide, Dimethyl Sulfone, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Sodium PCA, Phenoxyethanol, Zinc Sulfate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Caprylyl Glycol.

Makeup Flashback

"Makeup flashback" is up 550% in consumer searches, according to Google Trends. This effect occurs when a photo is taken of someone who is apparently wearing the wrong color of setting powder, concealer or foundation. This is not evident in person but when a photo is taken using a flash, the SPF or silica ingredients in the product are said to "reflect" back, creating what appear as white cast patches under the eyes, along the jawline or on the forehead.

Glam Theory Cosmetics described this effect a few years ago, explaining how to avoid its appearance. A recent TikTok video also tested a Huda Beauty product to demonstrate how to control this effect.

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Kylie Cosmetics Power Plush Foundation

Kylie Cosmetics is in our headlines again, up 400% in consumer searches, per Google Trends. This is, no doubt, thanks to the launch of the brand's first-ever foundation: Power Plush Foundation. The product is said to give an airbrushed look and satin feel with skin-breathable, weightless coverage and hydrating effects that last 12 hr. The foundation is also touted as waterproof and cake free.

The Daily Mail highlighted the launch, underscoring Kylie's rare "makeup free" appearance on Instagram to demonstrate the before/after effects of the product. Several other sources, including the U.S. Sun, interestingly reported that in 2023, in preparation for the launch, Kylie posted photos from a shoot during a visit to the formulation lab — for which she was criticized by fans. In the photos, she wore fake nails and her long hair was down and not tied back, which the fans called out as "gross" and unsanitary.

Messy Hair and Depigmentation

Messy hair and skin depigmentation searches are on the upswing, per Exploding Topics.

In particular, the source reports searches on "wolf haircut" continue to rise, registering a 3,900% growth (90.5 K searches) in the past five years. This look is described as tousled, textured, wild and layered, with volume and "edgy" texture. This aligns with the boost of #messyhair posts on TikTok we reported about last week.

Also expanding are searches on "discoloration serum," per Exploding Topics, which are up 2,100% in the past five years. In relation, searches on kojic acid serum are up 1,229%; tranexamic acid, a whopping +4,650%; and serum stick, +270%. This continues the trend we've been seeing for hyperpigmentation treatments.

Blackhead Vacuum, Sunset Hair, Revitalizing Serum and Grunge Eyeshadow

Lastly, per Spate's hashtag tracker, the top week-over-week hashtag tracked on TikTok was #blackheadvacuum, up more than 4 million percent. The far-removed second, third and fourth slots were #sunsethair, registering over 104,000% growth; #revitalizingserum (> 38,000%) and #grungeeyeshadow (> 37,000%). In exploring the #sunsethair trend, we found it was a orange- and yellow-dyed balayage look.  #Grungeeyeshadow was shown as a combination of shiny bronze and brown eyeshadow with dark eyeliner.

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