Blue Biotech to Surge Through 2024

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The market for blue biotechnologies, including marine-derived pharma products, enzymes, biopolymers and bulk chemicals for genomics, bio-engineering, cosmetics, vaccine development, drug discovery and other applications, is expected to surge with a CAGR of 10.2% from 2018-2024, Market Research Engine reports.

According to the firm, aquatic cells and cellular components and organisms improve quality of life by acting as new sources of energy, drugs, active ingredients/extracts and food. This field is trending because it is supple, adaptive and continuously moving forward, Market Research Engine adds, and with the help of high throughput screening and genomics, the diversity of the ocean can be tapped into—responsibly—as a vast resource.

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In relation, a 2021 Mintel/Lightspeed survey showed 75% of U.S. consumers who use beauty and personal care products feel that keeping the planet safe is just as important as keeping people safe. And, using blue biotechnology to extract marine biomass such as microalgae, macroalgae and bacterium hold huge potential for the development of sustainable cosmetics.

On March 23, 2022, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics will define blue biotechnology and describe its potential to deliver novel, sustainable solutions for skin and hair protection in a free webcast: Unlocking the Power of Blue Biotechnology for Sustainable and Conscious Beauty. For example, the photoprotective mechanisms of nature were unlocked to develop the company's new, multifunctional, pink microalgae-derived active to fight "Glyc-Aging." 

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